The earth is four and a half billion years old. It has been home to various ecosystems ever since its origin. Years of evolution has brought us where we are at this point,our home is dying and we have no one but ourselves to blame. Centuries of disregard has left our home bleeding,growing weaker with each passing day. How do human beings thrive without humanity? Do we even care about the damage? Are we really trying to make a change? We often find ourselves blaming the system,but who makes this system? We do. Change starts from you,the smallest of actions often speak the loudest of words. Do you feel insignificant? Do you feel like your words and actions don’t matter? Think again,the very elements that brought the universe into existence run through you. In a universe as beautiful as ours with all its complexities,you exist,you’re here,is that a coincidence? Use your privilege wisely,we all have a gift,unravel your true self,its never too late.

“ Walk of Life”

He walked the walk of life,
Unthethered in his stride,
A smile in the pain of his eyes,
He walked the lands far and wide
Where he met a girl,small and bright. “Oh what are you doing here,young one?”
His sweet demeanor touched her soul,
“Im lost and i cant find my way back home”
The tired girl had replied,
He smiled and laughed and laughed and smiled,
Till she felt his aura comforting her from the inside. “Who are you?” Cried the little girl,
His smile now brighter than ever,
“Im just a victim of this life,trapped by the deceptions of light”
The girl never understood him,but her love for him grew,
Had no one ever treated this girl with warmth?
“Where are you going,Sir?” She cried,
She had no home or life. “I am walking,a journey into the light”
They walked together,destination unknown,
The warmth of their souls,a bond forever they hold.
He walked the walk of life,
Unthethered in his stride,
They walked and walked until they too were part of the light.


Everybody talks but nobody listens. These words hold significance in relation to the very situation we have found ourselves in today. Everybody wants a platform to talk,but who listens? Open your ears and your mind,the world has alot to say, its time we listen.

“Doesn’t life feel like the weather”

Doesn’t life feel like the weather? We have a variety of seasons which give birth to a different version of ourselves. Isn’t it beautiful? This ability to change according to our environment. As the time passed and the innocent lies began to fade away,where did that leave you? Is your life as bright as the summer or as dark as the winter? Is it always just raining? Does the sun not shine anymore? Culture has been prevalent in society ever since man evolved from ape. Cultures vary in the vast sections of society. Who are we without society? Our need for a sense of belonging has made us adopt the cruel and unorthodox norms of society. It is time to break free from the shackles of these false ideologies and take pride in who we are and everything we can be. There is no YOU in SOCIETY, in life without YOU, you’re nothing but a soul trapped in the system.

“blinded by the darkness”

In a room by the window there stood a man blinded by the darkness. Each passing day he edged a little closer to his misery. A little strange you must wonder,”if the light is right there,why don’t you just see?” Answer me this,how can a man bred by darkness understand the presence of the light? There is a light burning deep down and it is dying to escape. Open your hearts,create a channel for the light to travel to your mind,the path we’ve chosen doesn’t have to define who we are at this point. The beauty of life is change,be open to it. Be cautious,not everything that shines is as bright as it appears.

If you guys appreciate the art and would like something similar done,we are more than happy to help you out on your endeavours. DM for inquiries.